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YYBA's Coach's Corner
Yosemite Youth Basketball Association welcomes you to another successful basketball season. To help our Parents, Players and Fans stay up-to-date on all of our practice and tournament schedules, we have listed each team's information below.

Coaches may also use this site to provide additional information such as gym directions, hotels and meeting times. Please check back frequently to stay informed on any changes or updates.

Players Package
Players, you can now access all the forms and paperwork you will need to participate as a member of YYBA. To begin, please click on the link below and print the entire "Players Package". Complete each form and have your parents or guardians sign where appropriate and return all to your coach as soon as possible. Your coach may also require additional information such as current photos, report cards, insurance cards and birth certificates.

These PDF files require Adobe Reader. Get it here.
  Coach Veronica Miller
6th Grade Team
Phone: 559-760-8262
Email: gtb@sti.net
  Coach James Andersen
7th Grade Team
Phone: 559-658-2227
Email: terjudd@hotmail.com
  Coach Bernie McGoldrick and Coach Stan Lawrence
8th Grade Team
Phone: 559-760-0010 Bernie
Phone: 559-760-5916 Stan
Email: bjmcgoldrick@sti.net & yosemitestan@gmail.com
  Coach Veronica Miller
HS JV & Varsity Teams
Phone: 559-760-8262
Email: gtb@sti.net
  Coach Erik Peterson
All Boys Teams
Phone: 559-760-3331
Email: erik@sti.net

For more information: Please call Jeff Nichols at (559)760-0931, or Rick Slayton at (559)683-5105

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