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YYBA Fundraisers
It may come as no surprise that it takes a lot of money to operate a youth basketball program. Especially when multiple teams are participating in year-round tournaments and need equipment, uniforms, etc. To help cover these costs, YYBA has organized many different types of fundraisers over the years, enabling us to give all of our players a chance to participate regardless of their financial condition.

One of our most successful fundraisers is our annual Phantom Fireworks stand located in front of the Avenue 12 Car Wash in Madera Ranchos. YYBA volunteers operate the stand each year from June 29th through the 4th of July. Although our young players are not allowed in the stand, they help by giving away free snow cones to all our customers. Last year alone, our kids gave out more than 700 snow cones! Needless to say, this makes our fireworks stand a very popular place during the hot summer.

In addition, our adult volunteers have worked concession stands at the Fresno Grizzlies and Oakland Raiders games, while our kids have washed cars, held parking lot sales, magazine subscriptions and a handful of other fundraising activities.

All-in-all, these fundraising efforts have helped us do many things and participate in many great events. None more important, however, than the annual college scholarship awards given to deserving Yosemite High School graduates. During the past ten years, YYBA has donated more than $15,000 to 37 outstanding student athletes to help with their college educations.

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